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Posted by thien on 27/02/2020
  • For First-time Customers

Number Of Rooms

1 2 >=3
Monthly Contract 0% 2% 5%
3-months Contract 2% 5% 5%
6-months Contract 5% 5%



Note:  when signing a monthly contract , There will be a 2% discount on per rent payment after 3 months , and a 5% discount on per rent payment after 6 months

In case of signing a 3-month contract (2% off), the customer will receive an additional 5% off the room’s rack rate if customer keep using service of Kuckoohome( Signning a new contract )

  • For Return Customers

Tenants who lived in KucKoo system will receive an equivalent discount to the previous discount rate.

For example : Tenants who terminated a contract with Kuckoohome and then signing a new contract will be given a 2 % discount on  a monthly contract and  a 5 % discount on 3-month contract

  • For Tenants living in Kuckoohome System

In case the tenant wants to move to another room in the system for any reasons, he/she

is entitled to the same discount policy as the current room



In addition to monthly rent payment of the room, tenants will have to make payment for utility fees :

– Deposit (equivalent to 1-month rent payment of the room and will be returned after termination of the contract if he/she fullfill obligations required here with)

– Electricity fee: following the government rate.

– Water fee: 150.000 VND /month including drinking water





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